Teen Patti Club 2024 Privacy Policy is designed to explain how teenpatticlubgame.in Technologies Private Limited(we teenpatticlubgame.in¼‰ deal with User s personal information when the User use any teenpatticlubgame.in s game or service. We are committed to protecting Users privacy. We will never sell or otherwise pass on User s privacy information to a third party without User s consent besides when it is required to provide User the service User is using.teenpatticlubgame.in is required to use the personal data of all the Users in accordance with the applicable laws of the land where the games are being played by the Users.

What We Collect

When the User uses any teenpatticlubgame.in s game or service, the User is authorizing teenpatticlubgame.in to access certain information of the User. The information we collect is to provide and improve our services and to fulfill User s requirement. In each case we will collect store and use the information User have provided according to this Privacy Policy. This includes User s name, profile picture gender,networks user IDs list of friends date of birth, email address and any other information User has set to public on User s Facebook.


Only teenpatticlubgame.in has right to the information. We will never sell or otherwise pass on User privacy information to a third party without Users consent. We may use the information to notify User of important announcements regarding our software developments, software upgrades special offers to solicit User s feedback and input and to provide User the application/software support. If User do not want to receive any announcement from us User may manage notifications from User app. User can also ask to be excluded from such announcements by sending us email to this effect. In addition, we may use User Information in a form that is not personally identifiable to help us in analyzing various aspects of user behavior for the purpose of improving our services.

Controlling User Personal Information.

User can terminate User account at any time which will remove User profile and other personal information from view. However, some information may be necessary for providing User our services and support. In that event we may not be able to provide User one or more of our services that User is using.

In teenpatticlubgame.in social games we do not delete the past game results or records even if User deletes application from User phone or do not join again. teenpatticlubgame.in will take reasonable steps to protect User’s personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access disclosure or unauthorized alteration. By downloading any teenpatticlubgame.in software or creating an account or accessing or using the service User accepts and agrees to be bound by these terms of service.

Exceptions to Restriction in Disclosure of Information or Account Information

User understand and agree that we may be required to disclose any Information or Account Information by a competent legal authority or that we may voluntarily choose to disclose any such Information or Account Information under reasonable belief that this is necessary for any lawful purpose. We will be under no legal obligation to either inform User about the presence of such request or contest such a request for Information or Account Information whatsoever.

The User understands and accepts that downloading the game of teenpatticlubgame.in is the action of the User on his/her own consent, and they shall assume responsibility for system damage, data lost and any other risks. teenpatticlubgame.in and its affiliates assume no responsibility for any direct, indirect, incidental, special and consequential damages and risks arising from using or failing to use teenpatticlubgame.in’ s game under any circumstances.


Subject to User’s compliance with terms of service, teenpatticlubgame.in grants Users a revocable, non-exclusive limited license to access and use the services. This license is non-transferable. User agree to use the service for User own non-commercial purposes. Users play some teenpatticlubgame.in social games to win chips. Users do not play with real money. The chips User lose or win have no value in real money. At times User may “earn” or “buy or purchase” virtual in-game items. These virtual items do not refer to any credit balance of real currency or its equivalent. teenpatticlubgame.in reserves the right to terminate the license of any user without giving any reason. If teenpatticlubgame.in believes that a user has acquired chips from unauthorized sources and from sources that violate the terms of the service, it has right to take away all or a part of the total chips with the user.

The Users agree and acknowledge that the right, title and interest over the intellectual property rights over the game and related software shall be sole owned by teenpatticlubgame.in. If the User involves with any infringement act, teenpatticlubgame.in has the right to terminate the services of the user and take appropriate actions under the applicable laws for infringement of such intellectual property rights of Mteenpatticlubgame.in.

Downloading the game by teenpatticlubgame.in is free. teenpatticlubgame.inG gives User free chips to begin with and regularly. This gives User limited license to play our games. If User do not lose all User free chips, User can play games for unlimited period. If User lose User free chips, User can not play any more. However, User have option to buy chips and join the game. Remember that the chips User buy and win have no value in the real currency. These chips are not transferable and we do not offer refunds.

By accepting to use the application, User fully understand and agree that User can lose chips because of many reasons beside lose the game. Some of the reasons are client’s data connection, Internet connection, improper behaviour of the client ,teenpatticlubgame.in server problem, sudden increase in traffic, someone else using User account or User account is hacked and many more.

teenpatticlubgame.in is not liable for any loss of chips due to functioning as well as malfunctioning of its severs and software. Winning or not chiefly depends upon the random cards User get. When User download issued game by teenpatticlubgame.in, Users accept and agree to play it only for fun and entertainment and teenpatticlubgame.in is not liable for any damage or loss or what so ever.


Failure to follow restrictions or terms of service can get User account suspended, hacked or permanently banned. Please read the following restrictions which applies to use of the service:

The User has no right to carry out actions including but not limited to:

The User is not allowed to host, post, display, upload, modify, copy, transmit, publish, update, share or store the following information using teenpatticlubgame.in,s game:

teenpatticlubgame.in reserves the right to terminate the license of any user.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction:


The terms of this service govern the relationship between the User and teenpatticlubgame.in (We) regarding User’s use of any teenpatticlubgame.in,s game or service, (Privacy Policy). Please read tteenpatticlubgame.in reserves the right to edit these terms of service and policies at any time. We hope that the User can peruse the changes periodically. The User is required to review and accept or don’t accept this Privacy Policy (minors i.e. User below the age of 18 years, shall review and perform this Privacy Policy accompanied by a legal guardian, if the minor exercises and performs the rights and obligations under this Privacy Policy, it shall be deemed that the minor has obtained the approval of the legal guardian). Unless the User accepts the terms of this Privacy Policy, the User is not entitled to use the relevant products and services under this Privacy Policy. The User’s registration and use shall be deemed that the User has accepted this Privacy Policy and agreed to be bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy.

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